Arsenic Discovered In Tap Water of Lower East Side NYCHA Complex.

Residents of the complex have been advised not to drink or cook with the tap water and provided with a safe water fountain and bottled water while a federal investigation is underway.

Dwellers of the Jacob Riis Houses have been complaining about cloudiness and brownness of the 

tap water for more than a week .

Test results show 12 and 14 particles per billion which is above the Environmental Protection Agency’s safe level of 10 particles per billon .

“It’s indicative, really, of how bad the conditions are and the problems that we have that are not just funding, but management-related”

 Public Advocate Jumaane Williams

“We continue to be in touch with the Jacob Riis Tenant Association and other elected officials as this situation develops. With tests ongoing, the most important thing for now is to make sure all residents at Jacob Riis houses have immediate access to safe drinking water.Our staff on the ground has confirmed that OEM have already delivered 40 palettes of bottled water with another 10 to be dropped off tomorrow at 8AM and 13 more on Monday.  Until further notice, residents are still advised not to drink or cook with tap water.”

Comptroller Brad Lander

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