Dad Throws Baby From Window as Fire Devours NJ Apartment Building

A fast-moving blaze erupted at a New Jersey apartment complex Monday, sending firefighters scrambling as at least one father had to throw his baby from a second-floor unit to escape the flames, authorities say.

The fire broke out at the South Ridge Apartments in South Brunswick Township around 8 a.m. and quickly escalated to three alarms, eventually climbing to four.

The baby thrown from the window was caught by firefighters and police who responded to the scene, which was rife with emergency vehicles and personnel.

Fire officials also say the dad jumped from the second-floor window headfirst to escape the blaze, his fall braced by officers. The child and father suffered minor injuries.

The scene was caught on video as both the baby and father were rescued by the first responders.

“This is what we signed up for, this is the exciting part of the job, you want to help people and do the right thing,” Ryan Bartunek, an officer with the South Brunswick Police Department, said.

People were asked to avoid the area as crews worked to get the fire under control.

The cause of the fire remains under investigation. The Red Cross has responded to the apartments to help some 50 people displaced by the fire.

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