Subway feces attack suspect arrested, again, for shattering window, prosecutors say

 – The suspect behind the sickening attack of a woman with feces inside a subway station was behind bars Tuesday after another assault over the weekend, said prosecutors.

According to the criminal complaint, Frank Abrokwa, 37, threw a dumbbell at a window in Harlem causing it to shatter Saturday. He then returned to the Treasure Island Storage Facility and said “I want my refund. I’m leaving Monday that is why I broke the glass,” reported the NY Post.

Abrokwa was arrested on criminal mischief and harassment charges. The judge in Manhattan Criminal Court set his bail at $5,000.

Prior to his arrest, Abrokwa had been free to roam the streets — having been released without bail in both the heinous Feb. 21 attack on a Bronx subway, and a separate hate crime charge in Brooklyn.

Abrokwa was arrested after the feces assault on Feb. 21 in the Bronx, released and then rearrested in connection with a separate hate crime in Brooklyn. He was on supervised release after the window incident in Harlem.

Shortly after his release following the feces assault. Abrokwa posted a rambling video to his Facebook page where he bragged about being released from jail without bail.

“That feces scenario should keep every female in their right mind away from me,” Abrokwa said.

The NYPD says Abrokwa has an extensive criminal history and has been arrested nearly two dozen times, including two arrests this year.

NY Gov. Kathy Hochul on Monday said that her office was privately pushing lawmakers to tweak the state’s contentious bail reform law. Hochul’s $216 billion budget plan includes a 10-point safety package which includes making more  crimes eligible for bail and give judges more discretion to order bail and to detain criminal defendants.

Hochul could have her work cut out for her. Republicans want to do away with the state bail reform law altogether while many Democrats have expressed little interest to revisit the issue.

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